Finger Food

Custom Cater can prepare and serve delicious canapes/finger food for your special event. We have listed below some of our more popular items, but we are not limited to this list. We are happy to discuss with you the style of food that you would like, and to create a special menu for you.

Canapes – $2.50 per piece

Beetroot and Feta Tarts

Brie and Caramelised Onion Tarts


Crab and Avocado Crustini

Ribbon Sandwiches

Mushrooms filled with Spinach and Feta

Mac and Cheese Croquettes

Arancini Balls with Minted Peas

Arancini Balls with Tomato (GF)

Arancini Bolognese

Vegetarian Cocktail Spring Rolls

Home Made Smoked Trout Pate on Pumpernickel

Vegetarian – $3.00 per piece

Saganaki – Fried Cheese with lemon. GF (GF)

Zucchini and Sweet Potato Croquettes – Coated in polenta, fried and served with aioli (GF)

Dumplings(Veg) – Assorted varieties of dumplings, steamed and served with sauces

Asparagus Spears – with hollandaise (GF)

Sliders – Garlic Mushroom and caramelised onion

Bao Buns – Succulent Mushrooms

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Meat/Chicken $4.00 per piece

Pork & Ricotta Balls – Juicy balls of pork mince, ricotta, herbs and spices cooked in a tomato sugo, and topped with melted parmesan. (GF)

Lamb Skewers – Dry rubbed with Middle Eastern Spices and grilled to perfection. (GF)

Chicken Skewers – Marinated in Tuscan Spices and char grilled. (GF)

Cajun Chicken Wings (GF)

Dumplings (Meat/Chicken)– Assorted varieties of dumplings, steamed and served with sauces

Peking Duck – Served in a lettuce cup with cucumber and hoi sin sauce. GF

Mini Pies – Filled with Beef and Mushroom

Mini Pies – Chicken Cordon Bleu

Mini Sausage Rolls – Special pork mince covered in puff pastry

Asparagus Spears – Wrapped in prosciutto with hollandaise (GF)

Sliders – Beef burger with onion jam and tasty cheese

Sliders – Slow Cooked pulled pork with Asian slaw

Sliders – Karaage Chicken

Bao Buns – Choice of fillings with delicious sauces – Duck, Slow Cooked Pork, Crisp Pork Belly, Fried Chicken

Seafood – $4.40 per piece

Smoked Salmon on Potato Rosti

Smoked Salmon, Ricotta and Dill Tarts

Chili Prawns – King prawns sautéed in chili – mild, medium or hot. GF

Salt and Pepper Calamari – 2 pieces per serve Coated in a mildly spiced crumb, served with sweet chili.

Dumplings (Seafood) – Assorted varieties of dumplings, steamed and served with sauces

Charred Tuna – Fresh tuna, coated in black and white sesame and charred. GF

Salmon Ceviche – Salmon Cured in lemon, lime and chili. GF

Sliders – Crisp, fried barramundi

Bao Buns – Soft Shell Crab

Prawn Cigars

Prawn Rice Paper Rolls